TII Unveils the Arab World’s First Electromagnetic Compatibility Labs

TII Unveils the Arab World’s First Electromagnetic Compatibility Labs

Arab World’s First Electromagnetic Compatibility Labs

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates -Technology Innovation Institute (TII), the applied research pillar of the Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), announced that its Directed Energy Research Centre (DERC) has unveiled its Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) laboratories in Abu Dhabi, housed in a first of its kind facility in the Arab world.


The facility is composed of three laboratories - an
- EMC semi-anechoic chamber
- A pulsed power laboratory
- Low-noise emanation laboratory.


The DERC facility enables key technologies to be evaluated against electromagnetic compatibility and interference by reproducing man-made and natural electromagnetic hazards in the pulsed power and semi-anechoic chambers.


The direct connection between the two chambers enables a diversity of experiments involving 100’s of kV nanosecond pulses and multi-megawatt microwaves systems. The laboratories have been designed to host different categories of equipment such as connected objects of the Internet of Things, drones and autonomous cars, telecommunications equipment, medical devices, automotive equipment, IT equipment and is fully automated for tests and measurements.


A unique low-noise emanation lab has been built on DERC specifications that allow for the study of very low noises emitted by electronic systems.

Dr Chaouki Kasmi

Dr Chaouki Kasmi, Chief Researcher at Directed Energy Research Centre

“At DERC we support research on a wide range of topics in EMC and EMI on behalf of governments and enterprises to help create and maintain advanced electronic systems. We are excited to announce the launch of the EMC labs in Abu Dhabi. They will help in pre-qualification of electronics against Electromagnetic Compatibility and Interference Standards as well as hardening of critical infrastructures to operate safely in harsh environments.”


Many electromagnetic compatibility standards have been introduced over the years, making EMC a key part of the electronics design process, Dr Kasmi said. With standards now implemented and enforced globally, manufacturers have to ensure that new electronic products meet the relevant EMC standards.


“There is growing awareness that high standards of electromagnetic compatibility must be maintained. So electromagnetic compatibility must be achieved right from the start, which underscores the importance of the launch of our labs,” Dr Kasmi added.

For more information about Technology Innovation Institute (TII), visit www.tii.ae

The Climate Pledge

The Climate Pledge

Global EMC have signed up to the challenge

What is the Climate Pledge?

The Climate Pledge, with its bold goal of net zero carbon by 2040—ten years earlier than specified by the Paris Agreement—presents a leadership opportunity for companies around the world to join together in taking urgent action on the climate crisis. Amazon co-founded The Climate Pledge with Global Optimism in 2019, and became the first company to sign the pledge. The Climate Pledge currently has over 100 signatories, including Verizon, PepsiCo, Best Buy, Visa, Reckitt Benckiser (RB), Microsoft, Unilever, JetBlue Airways, Uber, and more.

What does it mean to join The Climate Pledge?

The Climate Pledge calls on signatories to be net zero carbon across their businesses by 2040. Companies that sign the pledge commit to three principal areas of action:


• Measure and report greenhouse gas emissions on a regular basis;
• Implement decarbonization strategies in line with the Paris Agreement through real business changes and innovations, including efficiency improvements, renewable energy, materials reductions, and other carbon emission elimination strategies;
• Neutralize any remaining emissions with additional, quantifiable, real, permanent, and socially-beneficial offsets to achieve net zero annual carbon emissions by 2040.

Net Zero Carbon by 2040

It's time to make carbon history

Businesses are taking on the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced.

We’re turning the climate crisis into climate action, reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement 10 years early.

We won't get there without changing the way we do business.

1. Use wind, or solar....or both
2. Why don't you plant more trees instead of cutting them down
3. Do more sustainable farming, its a thing now.
4. Go all-electric faster, I dare you.
5. Protect my water

Shielded Room Faraday cage for R&D

Shielded Room Faraday cage for R&D.

A large international company approached Global EMC to build them a shielded room Faraday cage to enable them to perform testing in an inert environment free from mobile, radio and WiFi signals.


The self-supporting enclosure was constructed using Global EMC’s “pan” type shielding solution. The high performance shielding gave the client greater than -100dB of shielding from 100 MHz to 18 GHz as tested by an independent test laboratory.


The room had a high aesthetic internal finish to provide an office style environment within the shielding. Small power, lighting, and data where all provided to make the room versatile and future proof.


The chamber also had an internally switchable "in use" light above the door to enable staff to visually see when not to enter the room during testing.

Wedge Absorber

Wedge Absorber for Anechoic Chambers

Wedge absorbers give around 20% more anechoic performance than full peak absorbers at frequencies below 1 GHz, due to their greater mass. The wedge system is used where a low-frequency bias is required.


Using the 20% mass the Wedge absorber system can save money by using smaller pyramids and the microwave performance is excellent with a return loss of -40dB at 8 x wavelength.


Global EMC’s wedge pyramid absorber gives excellent performance in compact chambers. The absorber fully complies with NRL 8093 parts I, II and III Fire safety standard.


Compatible chambers/applications: MIL-STD461G, CISPR12/25, ETSI, Radio/Low Microwave Work.

Wedge Absorber - Global EMC
Length (mm) Part No. Normal incidence return loss (-dB)
- 50 MHz 100 MHz 300 MHz 1000 MHz 5 GHz 10 GHz
300 GDS300-W   N/O N/O 18 30 35 40
400 GDS400-W   N/O 12 20 30 40 40
500 GDS500-W   N/O 17 25 32 40 40
700 GDS700-W   15 20 30 35 40 40

EMI Shielded Enclosure for Electronic Devices

EMI Shielded Enclosure for Electronic devices

Global EMC manufacture shielded enclosures for electronic devices.


The shielded enclosure is designed specifically to prevent electronic devices inside the enclosure such as mobile phones, laptops and other Sim card or WiFi enabled devices from connecting to wireless signals that are present outside of the enclosure. Such as 5G, 4G, GSM, Bluetooth and WiFi signals.


Designed and manufactured in our facility in the United Kingdom each unit can be made to any dimension to suit the application.

Hand built in England

The shielded enclosures are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Each enclosure can be configured to best suit individual testing requirements providing a cost effective and unique testing facility best suited to your requirements.


Available with a variety of accessories including:


High performance shielded windows of typical dimensions 300mm x 300mm or 600mm x 600mm.


Shielded gloves of universal size supplied with 10 removable inner linings to reduce users cross contacting for Coronavirus.


Internal 110/230V AC mains filtered power and 5V DC filtered USB charging points.


Low power consumption LED lighting and task lighting.


Hand built access doors of bespoke dimension. Typical dimensions include 300mm x 300mm and 500mm x 500mm clear opening.


Shielded ventilation ports for connection to air conditioning or extract fans to enable cooling inside of the enclosure.


Lifting handles for easy movement of the enclosure.


USB 2.0 male /female sockets, fibre waveguides and coaxial connections are all available.


Internal filtered RJ45 data points.


Aesthetic internal finish including white floor for increased visibility inside the enclosure.


Each unit can also be finished in any colour to requirements.

No Pit No Problem - Surface mountable ramp

No Pit. No Problem

Global EMC’s new surface mounted pneumatic ramp is perfect solution for any military/vehicle test chamber where excavation of the host building floor is not possible.


The ultra low profile design is perfectly suited to allow for a minimal approach angle for vehicles to enter or exit an anechoic test chamber.


The ramp can even support the heavy weight limits of large military vehicles. Available in different dimensions to suit individual door and vehicle sizes.


Please contact info@globalemc.co.ukfor more details.

Further Information

Designed and manufactured in England, Global EMC's surface mount pneumatic ramp is not only highly durable but also made to the exact requirements of each project.

Surge Suppression Filters

N-Type Surge Suppressors Surge Suppression Filters

In addition to our large range of EMI power and signal filters, Global EMC can supply surge suppression filters suitable for protecting vital equipment from LEMP (Lightning Electromagnetic Pulse) or NEMP (Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse) spikes on RF equipment.

The N-Type fitting is available in both Female and Male connection types. The suppression filters for 0Hz (DC) to 6000 MHz are based upon the replaceable gas discharge tube (GDT) technology and designed for RF line surge protection.

Global EMC prides ourselves on providing our clients with a complete and turnkey solution to their shielded rooms, shielded containers and Faraday cage requirements.
Using our supply chain partners Global EMC can offer Surge Suppression filters as part of the complete service we provide to all our clients.

Technical Data:

Port 1 N female (50 Ω)
Port 2 N socket bulkhead (50Ω)
Frequency range: DC to 6 GHz
VSWR, max: <1.1
Power, max: 240W
Insertion loss: <0.2 dB Return loss > 19 dB
Materials and surfaces:
Housing material: Brass/Surface plating: Cu Zn Sn
Contacts: Bronze/Surface Au-Ag
Insulation: PTFE
Operating temperature: -40°C to +85 °C
Max. Load current 10A
Nominal discharge current 5 kA (8/20μs test x 10 – C2 Category)
Max. Discharge current 20 kA (max. withstand @ 8/20 μs)
Impulse current 1kA (2 x 10/350μs Test - D1 Category)
Protection level < 2300 V
Failsafe behaviour Short-circuit
RohS compliance Yes
Mounting: Feedthrough
Ingress protection: IP 66 (in mated condition)
Plastic tethered duct cap included
Standards: IEC 61643-21 / EN 61643-21 / UL497C / UL497E

Further Information

• Please contact us for bespoke variations to the technical data provided above.

Shielded Rooms for Forensic Interrogation

Shielded Rooms for Forensic Interrogation

Global EMC has successfully delivered a new shielded room for the Forensic Interrogation of electronic devices.


The shielded room was designed specifically to prevent electronic devices inside the room such as mobile phones, laptops and other Sim card or WiFi enabled devices from connecting to wireless signals that are present outside of the room. Such as 5G, 4G, GSM, Bluetooth and WiFi signals.


Designed and manufactured in our facility in the United Kingdom each part of the room was made to fit the unique shape of the host building precisely.


The bespoke design fitted intrinsically into the surrounding area providing the maximum available space whilst maintaining the aesthetic qualities of an office environment.

Secure and Functional.

A vestibule (lobby area) was designed to enable technicians to enter or exit the room whilst maintaining the integrity of the shield. Using an airlock style door arrangement, enabled users to continue working inside the room whilst allowing other users could enter or exit. This minimised the “downtime” of the facility and also gave added security, that the integrity of the shielding would not be compromised accidentally during testing.


The high performance shielding provided over -100dB of signal attenuation (over 100,000:1 reduction). This stopped any mobile phone inside the room from transmitting too, or receiving from, a source outside of the room.


The shielding stopped the mobile phone or any other Sim card enabled device from connecting to a cellular network, the internet, making a call or receiving any other type of signal from outside of the room. WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth where also prevented.


Delivered in component form and hand built onsite, provided minimal disturbance to the existing building and staff during construction. The shielding effectiveness was verified by an independent ISO 17025 test laboratory to EN50147-1 standard.

Additional Information

Onsite Consultancy

Specifying the correct shielded room for your requirements is simple with Global EMC. We take care of every step of the way. Onsite consultancy service including measurements, in house design and bespoke high level design drawings. All this makes choosing the right shielded room for your needs straight forward and effortless.

Device Interrogation - Forensic Shielded Rooms

Electronic Devices

Suitable to effectively stop any mobile phone or Sim enabled device inside the shielded room from connecting to an external cellular or WiFi network. Independently tested and verified ensures impartial certification of our shielding effectiveness.

Gloval EMC Ltd - 25 Years in the industry

Made In England

The tailor made design and manufacture from high quality raw materials, manufactured by Global EMC to the unique shape of each project ensures every installation is both technically capable and aesthetically finished.

Shielded Anechoic Test Cabinets

Research and Development.

Global EMC has successfully delivered 3 new double tiered research and development test cabinets for mobile phones (cell phone) product development. The test cabinets have a high performance shielded enclosure to isolate any ambient signals from the internal testing environment and an interior fully lined with anechoic microwave absorber.

Simplicity and Universal.

The shielded anechoic cabinets where delivered fully assembled with no assembly required for the end user. Simple to use and designed to accept a wide range of requirements each cabinet was designed to be future proof and versatile.

Designed specifically to fit through a standard sized door the cabinets are transportable without needing to dis-assemble any parts.
Feature packed with filtered internal mains power sockets, Fibre waveguides, ethernet and coaxial sockets the cabinet gave the client a flexible and all-round testing environment.

Further Information

• Fully anechoic internal lining of GDS100 anechoic absorber.
• Shielded enclosure of bespoke dimensions of up to -100dB of shielding effectiveness.
• RF shielded, easy opening access door.
• Heavy duty wheels for ease of transportation.
• 2 x 1 Gigabit internal ethernet ports.
• 2 x High quality forced air fans.
• 4 x 230V AC 13A internal mains sockets.
• 1 x Fibre optic waveguide.
• Delivery and 12 month warranty included.

EEG Shielded Rooms, Durham University

The Challenge

The client approached Global EMC to provide two shielded enclosures for their new electroencephalogram (EEG) room. The rooms required shielding to enable highly sensitive measurements to take place within the room without the possibility of ambient interference.
The client also required a testing environment where anyone inside the room would feel comfortable and also free from distraction. This would enable the measurements taken to be isolated from external influence.
The room was also required to be as compact as possible to fit inside the allocated host building.

The Solution

The rooms where specially designed using Global EMC’s high permeability shielding to provide attenuation to magnetic fields caused by nearby electrical equipment and cabling. This gave the client a controlled and repeatable environment to perform their measurements and tests. The resultant field inside the room was <0.2µT, well within the allowable tolerance limits of the EEG equipment.
To provide a comfortable environment for the user, noise reduced air conditioning was supplied which had user control for temperature adjustment. Dimmable fibre optic lighting was installed to eliminate interference but also allow user control to create a low light level during testing.
Sound (voice and vibration) attenuation was provided using specialist sound absorbing materials and the whole chamber was mounted on anti-vibration mounts to reduce vibration noise transmitting from the floor below.
Dark blue walls and carpet was provided to give the enclosure a more “office-style” comfortable feel. Mains power outlets, data points and EEG equipment signal cable sockets where provided to make the room practicable and versatile.

Benefits To The Customer

The client benefited from two new bespoke shielded enclosures for EEG use. Each room was entirely separate enabling two separate tests to be carried out independent of each other.
The bespoke nature of Global EMC’s EEG-SR means that the dimensions of the room could be adjusted to maximize the available space in the host building. Global EMC worked with other contractors as part of the rooms internal fit out as a coordinated project, to make the room available before students returned for the first term after summer.
The chamber is delivered in component form to enable the shielded room to be delivered into the host building with minimum disruption. All components can pass through a standard single door of the host building and is assembled onsite.

(Shielded rooms during construction)

Product Information

• Two Shielded enclosures with sound dampening.
• Air conditioning with sound deadening.
• Large shielded doors with wheel chair access ramp.
• Dimmable fibre optic lighting.
• Small power and data points.
• Integration of clients EEG equipment.
• Independent testing and certification.