New product demonstration at the Security & Policing Event 2024

Global EMC are delighted to announce that we will be attending the upcoming Security and Policing event at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre.

Starting on Monday 12th March, Global will be exhibiting our latest products and services to the Police and Security industry, including demonstrations of a brand-new product.

The new product we will be demonstrating is the Forensic Evidence Box (FEB). The FEB addresses the secure storage and data-safeguarding needs of individual mobile phones. They are impenetrable by electromagnetic radiation, including RF cellular and Wi-Fi signals to eliminate connectivity and ensure that phones and digital assets inside remain safe from remote lock and wipe commands. Devices are also protected from GPS signals to prevent location tracking.

Global EMC’s Forensic Evidence Box (FEB) is designed for secure crime scene collection and seized mobile phone transportation. Used by police forces, law enforcement and security agencies to isolate seized phones, FEB closes the data integrity gap by removing device vulnerabilities while in transit to a forensic lab for triage.

Global EMC’s Commercial Operations Director had the following to say regarding the upcoming event. “As a first-time exhibitor last year, Security and Policing proved rewarding and allowed for many insightful conversations with visitors from national and international law enforcement. So, this year we have selected the event to launch a pioneering security product – the Forensic Evidence Box. We have taken our Faraday cage expertise, with ultra-high-performance shielding technology, and re-engineered it into a portable solution. In law enforcement and security applications, the impenetrable FEB solution will prevent remote wireless access to smartphones and portable digital devices, safeguarding critical data. I am really looking forward to demonstrating this at the show and engaging with customers regarding our wider RF shielding products and solutions”.

The Security and Policing exhibition runs from the 12th to the 14th of March and gives people within the industry the opportunity to meet and discuss the latest advances in delivering national security and resilience with leading UK suppliers, UK and overseas Government officials and senior decision makers across the law enforcement and security sectors. Anyone wanting to visit the event can apply for their free pass by visiting Security and Policing 2024 - Apply to attend

If you would like to arrange a meeting with Lee, please contact us by emailing or by calling 01623 755539.

NEW RF Shielded Room in the UK

New Shielded Room in the UK

Swansea University EEG Chamber

Swansea University EEG Chamber

Have you heard?

As some of you may know, we recently undertook a project at Swansea University to design, manufacture and install an EEG Chamber for their psychology department. We at Global EMC UK are proud to announce we have successfully completed the project, #design and with a bit of Global EMC class.


Universities and hospitals have an increasingly “polluted” environment due to high current cables, Wi-Fi, wireless signals and other electrical equipment.


To perform Electroencephalogram (EEG) tests without the risk of interference and ambient background noise affecting the sensitive measurements, shielding is required. Global EMC’s EEG-SR is a shielded room designed specifically for use in medical or educational environments to provide optimised performance at VLF/ELF frequencies.


This helps protect the highly sensitive test equipment inside the room from external interference and provides a stable and repeatable testing environment.



The EEG-SR is a self-standing structure, suitable for installation in universities or hospitals.

It is constructed of a specially developed modular high magnetic permeability shield Iron+ ® that provides high quality and superb performance shielding.

Each room is internally finished with dimmable lighting, filtered mains power sockets, acoustic walls and carpets and silenced air conditioning systems. Waveguides and EMI filters are provided for data and equipment cabling.

More information on our EEG-SR can be found here

Tyron Klopper, Commercial Sales Executive

Tyron is our new Commercial Sales Executive.

Tyron is our new Commercial Sales Executive.

Tyron Klopper, Commercial Sales Executive

A qualified plumber from the southern hemisphere, Tyron Klopper endured a short but tumultuous period of employment since emigrating to the UK in 2020, thanks to the unfortunate timing of his arrival just one month before the first coronavirus lockdown.

First, please join us in welcoming Tyron to the new role of Commercial Sales Executive at Global EMC. He’s already making a difference to the team with his support for Commercial Operations Director Lee Rabjohn and Technical Director Gareth Vaughan.


As you can tell from the short introduction above, Tyron’s plans to come to the UK and land a position in the construction sector didn’t go entirely to plan. Having taken an apprenticeship after his schooling in South Africa to qualify as a plumber, he emigrated to the UK in February 2020 and swiftly found that interviews for suitable job roles were drying up faster than the Covid virus was spreading. No one was hiring.


Undeterred, and as an interim solution, Tyron accepted a role with a sauce manufacturer based in Nottingham. In fact, he was actually making sauces in the firm’s kitchen. Not an ideal fit for his ambitions in the construction sector. That interim position lasted for a whole year until Tyron had a word with the company’s “Big Cheese”, as he put it, to ask for a better role. He was moved into commercial training to support the firm’s Commercial Director, which stood him in good stead for the future.


Some 18 months later, and ready for a greater challenge elsewhere, Tyron came to us at Global EMC upon a recommendation from a friend who is one of our staff members. “Then everything just fell into place,” says Tyron.


The fact is, Tyron’s commercial support experience and expertise matched a role we were looking to create. He started at our Sutton-in-Ashfield HQ on 21st February, three years after first arriving in the country.


It’s only been a few weeks, but we asked Tyron what he thought so far: “Couldn’t think of a better place to be,” he said, adding that he is very happy and looking forward to helping the business grow.

Small but perfectly fored for digital forensic investigations

Revealing something small but perfectly formed.

Revealing something small but perfectly formed.

For the first time, we are exhibiting at the Security & Policing show at the International Exhibition & Conference Centre in Farnborough. And we’re there for a special reason. To preview something refreshingly small to event visitors that will change the face of digital forensic investigations.

Security & Policing is the UK government’s official global security event, organised by the Home Office. It attracts security sector, law enforcement and intelligence services professionals from around the world. Professionals that we expect will be captivated by a special preview we are staging on the Global EMC stand.


We’ve been developing a unique product that meets the stringent and pressing needs of policing when seizing digital devices. As this reveal is an exclusive preview to interested parties who attend Security & Policing (and you can’t just turn up – all visitors must be approved by the Home Office), we’re not saying too much about this astounding new solution just yet.


Suffice to say that we managed to complete a confidential engineering development programme that’s been running at our Sutton-in-Ashfield base for almost two years in the nick of time (pun intended). It’s not big. But it is clever. In fact, event visitors will find it refreshingly small but will immediately recognise a huge positive impact on the integrity of digital forensic investigations as we close the data integrity gap for seized digital devices.


Imagine our acclaimed Forensic Shielded Rooms; those controlled environment Faraday cage structures famed for their impenetrability by RF electromagnetic radiation of any kind, including Wi-Fi and mobile cellular signals. Now take that advanced, proven and ultra-high-integrity shielding technology and scale it down until you can grasp it in one hand. And take it with you wherever you go.


You don’t need to be a forensic scientist to join those dots. No more vulnerability to evidential data tampering or remote wiping while in transit. A welcome end to the all-too-common practice of putting one fabric Faraday bag inside another just to be sure. (Scene of crime officers do that a lot).


And of course, our small but perfectly formed forensic solution is part of a seamless Global EMC security ecosystem that safeguards digital assets and protects vital evidence from the point of seizure right through to prosecution. No one’s getting their hands on that data!


If you are security cleared by the Home Office and attend the Security & Policing event, be sure to visit us on Stand P15 and insist on a demonstration. 


Security & Policing takes place in Hall 1 at the Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre from Tuesday 14th to Thursday 16th March 2023. You can apply for attendance approval here.


For those who can’t make it to the event, we’ll be revealing more soon. Watch this space.


Warren Vayro, Head of Design

Warren Vayro Joins Global EMC

Warren Vayro joins Global EMC.

Warren Vayro, Head of Design

Experienced mechanical engineer, Warren Vayro, joined Global EMC last May as Head of Design to take the reins of our design function. However, this isn’t Warren’s first tenure at the company.

With 25 years of mechanical engineering experience, Warren Vayro has held many design and management roles leading teams and departments across a variety of industry sectors. Two of those years, from 2017, were spent at Global EMC. Now Warren has returned to this more senior role, using his first-hand knowledge of our organisation to make positive, tangible changes.

The good thing about the timing of my return is that the business structure changed while I was away. That now lets me do things properly from scratch to make a real difference,” Warren says.

Warren’s career in mechanical engineering design, he says, is all about attention to detail, along with advanced 3D tools. In his management role here at Global EMC, he is designing and implementing processes that give more control, create better documentation and improve workflows that will shorten development timescales and time-to-market for new products.

All of which is timely, as we have new projects coming in and new clients on board. Warren has already appointed two new people to the design team as part of his drive to strengthen the firm’s development resources.

Global EMC attends Police Service function

Global EMC attends Police service function.Providing advice on our products and services.Focused on our RF shielding solutions for Forensic examination.

For two days Global EMC attended a Police service function to talk about our products and services with members of the Police service and Home Office.

We gave information on our RF shielding solutions focusing on shielding mobile phones and other SIM card enabled devices from obtaining a signal during Forensic investigation.

Thank you to the members of the service who enabled us to do this and some brand new and exciting products shall follow before the end of the year.

Global EMC continues to be part of the JOSCAR accreditation.

Global EMC continues to be part of the JOSCAR accreditation.

Developing and improving how we operate our supplier pre-qualification process is one of the keyways to assisting with the procurement process with Global EMC.

We look to make our supply chain management and compliance as simple as possible during the pre-qualification process.

To assist us with this, being on the JOSCAR accreditation gives each buyer the confidence and ability to easily and safely purchase through Global EMC.

NEW RF Shielded Room in the UK

New Shielded Room in the UK

New RF Shielded Room in the UK

Global EMC have completed another RF shielded room (Faraday cage) in the United Kingdom. The multi-functional RF room shall be used for variety of uses including conductive testing, inert RF environment as well as an education and experimentation facility.


The shielded room of external dimensions 6.0m (L) x 4.2m (W) x 3.0m (H) effortlessly integrated into the host building to provide a suitable and attractive external finish for the environment it was installed in.

The shielding was independently tested and exceeded -100dB of shielding from 100 kHz to 18 GHz and greater than -65dB all the way down to 10 kHz.

The facility was provided with a penetration panel providing connection from the external host building to inside the room in a convenient and controlled manor. Precision connectors where used and optical fibre and data waveguides also provided. This ensured the client had not only the required connectivity currently but also future proofed the facility going forward.


The easy to open manual swing door provided access into the shielded room whilst maintaining the high levels of required shielding. Low maintenance low friction door furniture means the door is both practical and easy to maintain for the user.


Internally the room benefits from a high aesthetic “office style” finish. This provides a comfortable environment for staff to work inside. This includes a suspended ceiling, raised false floor and melamine boarded walls. Creating a decorative, functional and durable finish to the room.

TII Unveils the Arab World’s First Electromagnetic Compatibility Labs

TII Unveils the Arab World’s First Electromagnetic Compatibility Labs

Arab World’s First Electromagnetic Compatibility Labs

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates -Technology Innovation Institute (TII), the applied research pillar of the Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), announced that its Directed Energy Research Centre (DERC) has unveiled its Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) laboratories in Abu Dhabi, housed in a first of its kind facility in the Arab world.


The facility is composed of three laboratories - an
- EMC semi-anechoic chamber
- A pulsed power laboratory
- Low-noise emanation laboratory.


The DERC facility enables key technologies to be evaluated against electromagnetic compatibility and interference by reproducing man-made and natural electromagnetic hazards in the pulsed power and semi-anechoic chambers.


The direct connection between the two chambers enables a diversity of experiments involving 100’s of kV nanosecond pulses and multi-megawatt microwaves systems. The laboratories have been designed to host different categories of equipment such as connected objects of the Internet of Things, drones and autonomous cars, telecommunications equipment, medical devices, automotive equipment, IT equipment and is fully automated for tests and measurements.


A unique low-noise emanation lab has been built on DERC specifications that allow for the study of very low noises emitted by electronic systems.

Dr Chaouki Kasmi

Dr Chaouki Kasmi, Chief Researcher at Directed Energy Research Centre

“At DERC we support research on a wide range of topics in EMC and EMI on behalf of governments and enterprises to help create and maintain advanced electronic systems. We are excited to announce the launch of the EMC labs in Abu Dhabi. They will help in pre-qualification of electronics against Electromagnetic Compatibility and Interference Standards as well as hardening of critical infrastructures to operate safely in harsh environments.”


Many electromagnetic compatibility standards have been introduced over the years, making EMC a key part of the electronics design process, Dr Kasmi said. With standards now implemented and enforced globally, manufacturers have to ensure that new electronic products meet the relevant EMC standards.


“There is growing awareness that high standards of electromagnetic compatibility must be maintained. So electromagnetic compatibility must be achieved right from the start, which underscores the importance of the launch of our labs,” Dr Kasmi added.

For more information about Technology Innovation Institute (TII), visit