Shielded Rooms for Forensic Interrogation

Global EMC has successfully delivered a new shielded room for the Forensic Interrogation of electronic devices.


The shielded room was designed specifically to prevent electronic devices inside the room such as mobile phones, laptops and other Sim card or WiFi enabled devices from connecting to wireless signals that are present outside of the room. Such as 5G, 4G, GSM, Bluetooth and WiFi signals.


Designed and manufactured in our facility in the United Kingdom each part of the room was made to fit the unique shape of the host building precisely.


The bespoke design fitted intrinsically into the surrounding area providing the maximum available space whilst maintaining the aesthetic qualities of an office environment.

Secure and Functional.

A vestibule (lobby area) was designed to enable technicians to enter or exit the room whilst maintaining the integrity of the shield. Using an airlock style door arrangement, enabled users to continue working inside the room whilst allowing other users could enter or exit. This minimised the “downtime” of the facility and also gave added security, that the integrity of the shielding would not be compromised accidentally during testing.


The high performance shielding provided over -100dB of signal attenuation (over 100,000:1 reduction). This stopped any mobile phone inside the room from transmitting too, or receiving from, a source outside of the room.


The shielding stopped the mobile phone or any other Sim card enabled device from connecting to a cellular network, the internet, making a call or receiving any other type of signal from outside of the room. WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth where also prevented.


Delivered in component form and hand built onsite, provided minimal disturbance to the existing building and staff during construction. The shielding effectiveness was verified by an independent ISO 17025 test laboratory to EN50147-1 standard.

Additional Information

Onsite Consultancy

Specifying the correct shielded room for your requirements is simple with Global EMC. We take care of every step of the way. Onsite consultancy service including measurements, in house design and bespoke high level design drawings. All this makes choosing the right shielded room for your needs straight forward and effortless.

Device Interrogation - Forensic Shielded Rooms

Electronic Devices

Suitable to effectively stop any mobile phone or Sim enabled device inside the shielded room from connecting to an external cellular or WiFi network. Independently tested and verified ensures impartial certification of our shielding effectiveness.

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Made In England

The tailor made design and manufacture from high quality raw materials, manufactured by Global EMC to the unique shape of each project ensures every installation is both technically capable and aesthetically finished.