Our Industries

Global EMC are recognised nationally and internationally as experts in all forms of electromagnetic shielding and anechoics. That experience, along with our knowledge, expertise, and continued research and development within our fields, makes us uniquely placed to provide tailor-made, innovative solutions to meet our clients’ precise requirements in a wide range of industries.

For The Military and Defence

The Military and Defence sector has unique needs and a highly specialised set of requirements. Global EMC is experienced in delivering projects for the Military and Defence sector, both in the United Kingdom and Globally.

With specialised technical capabilities, each product or project is designed and manufactured to meet Military standards such as MIL-STD-461, DEF STAN 59-411 and MIL-STD-285. Our team, including Security Cleared (SC) engineers and designers, share the experience and expertise to deliver a wide range of Military and Defence installations.

Global EMC is Cyber Essential Plus accredited, ensuring all communications and sensitive information is kept safe and secured.

Military & Defence Specific Test Facilities

Designed, manufactured, installed and approved to meet military standards. Global EMC offer and deliver tailored solutions to meet operational needs and provide worldwide support for all its products. Examples of specific Military and Defence solutions include:

MIL-STD-461 Military Test Chamber

DEF STAN 59-411 Military Test Chamber

Tempest Shielded Rooms

Education and University Specific Test Facilities

Providing innovative and technologically advanced products and test facilities for Universities and Colleges. Our design ethos is to provide solutions that have a wide range of usable applications, this enables the user to adapt the facility and meet the ever-changing requirements of a University environment. Global EMC provides the Education sector:


• Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) room shielding
• Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) active cancellation systems
• Electroencephalogram (EEG) shielded rooms
• 5G and Antenna measurement chambers
• High voltage laboratory shielding
• Faraday cages and shielded rooms

Education and University Specific Test Facilities

The versatility and adaptability of each solution allows a unique facility suitable for Research and Development and Industry out-reach. Examples of Education sector solutions include:

TEM Shielded Rooms

Antenna Measurement Chambers

EEG Shielded Room

For The Medical Industry

Healthcare facilities need to provide patient-facing environments, meeting industry standards whilst providing access for disabled people. Global EMC specialises in providing shielding for these hostile environments. Our applications include:


• Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) room shielding
• Electroencephalogram (EEG) shielded rooms
• MRI Shielding
• Transformer LV switchgear shielding
• Mains power distribution magnetic shielding
• RF/EMI Shielded rooms

Medical Specific Test Facilities

Safe, clean and secure environments to provide a duty of care to patients and staff within healthcare buildings. Our Medical sector solutions include:

EEG Shielded Room

Transformer LV Switchgear Shielding

TEM Shielded Rooms

For The Automotive Industry

Modern-day vehicles have a complex and ever-increasing number of electrical and electronic systems. To ensure the safe and reliable operation of these systems, EMC testing is required. This ensures the vehicle or component operates properly under its own RF emissions and also it’s susceptibility (immunity) from other devices.


Conformity to regulatory standards is paramount in Automotive testing. Global EMC provides a complete testing environment suitable for product validation.

Automotive Specific Test Facilities

Common automotive standards include CISPR 12 (EN 55012), CISPR 25 (EN55025) and ISO 11451-2. Global EMC provides a solution to all automotive testing requirements including electric and hybrid vehicles:

CISPR AutomotiveVehicle Test Facility

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CISPR ComponentTest Facility

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LargeSliding Doors

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