Shielded Containers

  • Shielded Container isolated from external WiFi, Radio, Television, GSM, GPS, LoRa, Bluetooth, 4/5G Signals.
  • Available in ISO 20ft and 40ft standard, high cube and bespoke (non-ISO) sizes.
  • High aesthetic “office style” interiors.
  • External appearance of a standard shipping container.
  • Individually configurable to exact requirements.
  • 5G ready
  • UK based and UK owned SME company.

Choose Shielded Containers For

Isolated environment free from external WiFi, Radio, Television, GSM, GPS, LoRa, Bluetooth, 4/5G Signals. The container can also be used to prevent electronic devices inside the container from connecting to ambient wireless signals, such as a mobile phone signal.

Device Interrogation - Forensic Shielded Rooms

Electronic Devices

Effectively prevents any mobile phone or SIM-enabled device inside the shielded room from connecting to an external cellular or WiFi network. Independently tested and verified to ensure impartial certification of shielding effectiveness.

WiFi - Global EMC


Removal of unwanted ambient background signals and noise, to allow an environment free from electromagnetic interference.

Global EMC - Military Testing Capabilities

Military Use

Shielding performance greater than TEMPEST requirements

Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Shielded Room - Global EMC

EMP Protection

Optional capability to provide lightning, EMP, NEMP and Solar flare protection

5G Testing - Global EMC

5G Mobile Signal

5G mobile phone shielding ready

Limitless Possibilities

All our Shielded Containers start with you. Individually designed and specified to your exact requirements, Global EMC offers a complete and bespoke service to ensure that each solution matches the unique needs of each project.


Based upon an ISO-sized container or built to custom dimensions, the container retains most of its exterior appearance whilst providing a shielded enclosure within. All G2000 containers feature external environmental protection and are suitable for transportation by sea or road and can be stored outdoors.


The shielding provides an inert environment inside the container, with performance greater than that recommended in the TEMPEST standard. Shielded vestibules can also be provided to allow personnel to enter or exit the container whilst maintaining its shielding effectiveness.

Internal Aesthetics

Designed for practicality and comfort, G2000 containers feature a standard internal finish. LED lighting and emergency lighting are provided along with hot & cold heating and airflow control. Mains power sockets with USB charging ports are mounted in compartment trunking for flexibility and future-proofing.


Walls and ceiling are finished in a cleanable surface. Floors can be finished in a variety of materials including carpet, vinyl tiling or anti-static tiling.


Further internal requirements can be accommodated. These include external CCTV, fire detection, data points, ‘in-use’ light systems and access control.

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Shielded Containers

High performance shielding as standard. Tested to EN 50147-1 or IEEE 299

Shielding surpasses the requirements of TEMPEST and SDIP

ISO Sizes for commercial shipping

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Great Britain

Office style internal finish for comfort and wellbeing

3m, 5m and 10m measuring distance.

Optional design for shielding up to 40 GHz

Bespoke size containers available

Specialist internal linings such as acoustic and bullet protection

Access control and external shipping approved locking