3m Pre-Compliant Semi-Anechoic EMC Test Chamber

When space matters. The pre-compliant (3m-SAC-PC) is our space-saving and compact test chamber providing dependable and repeatable EMC measurements. A cost effective and convenient solution the test chamber is a fantastic opportunity to have an onsite facility for research and development, or to fast track and prepare your products ready for final compliance testing.


Retaining the 3-meter measuring distance required between the antenna and equipment under test (EUT). The chamber maximises the space available to give you pre-compliant emissions and compliant immunity testing.

3m Pre-Compliant Test Chamber Facility - Global EMC

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suitable for testing electrical and electronic equipment to global or national standards, this chamber provides quick and versatile EMC compliance testing in your own onsite facility. The speed and efficiency of research and development are greatly increased as products can be tested, changed if necessary and quickly re-tested. This gives confidence of conformity before final compliance testing and eliminates re-test costs.

3m Test facility - Global EMC

3 Meter

Measurements of up to 3 meters between the antenna and equipment area under test (EUT).

Global EMC - Compliant Emissions Testing


Pre-complaint Radiated Emission – Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) testing to CISPR 16-1-4 / EN55016-1-4.

Research and Development - Global EMC


This test facility is the perfect solution for the research and development of new electrical and electronic products.

EN IEC 6100 - Global EMC


Compliant Radiated Immunity – Electro-Magnetic Susceptibility (EMS) testing to EN/IEC6100-4-3.

What Is Pre-compliance Testing?

Pre-compliance testing sets out to mimic as closely as possible a compliant and fully accredited test lab. Global, European or national standards dictate the required performance and tests required on each electrical or electronic item. During product development, on-going pre-compliant tests may highlight any potential issues that would stop a new product from meeting the relevant standard(s) when final compliance testing takes place.


Using a pre-compliant test chamber gives a dependable and trustworthy indication that the product should pass once submitted for final approval.


This offers a long term and affordable way of designing products that will meet EMC radiated emission and immunity standards without continuous use of external test labs. This can save time, money and reduce or eliminate project delays due to failures and re-tests.

Versatile And Adaptable

Each pre-compliant EMC test chamber is designed specifically for your requirements and space available. Using 3D modelling and modular shielding design, this enables every Test Chamber to be designed and built to maximise space available and give the highest performance and consistent measurements.


Independently tested by a UKAS ISO 17025 test body, the test chamber is verified to give you the assurance that it is designed and built to the highest standards. A full set of independent, third-party test results are issued upon completion of each facility.


From low emission LED lighting, turntables, air conditioning and small power, each test chamber is fully customisable with our large range of accessories and test equipment available. Full warranties, documentation and after-sales support is provided for every part of the test chamber.

3m Pre-Compliant EMC Test Facility


A 3-meter test distance is required between your antenna and equipment under test. This separation distance gives the chamber its distinctive rectangular shape.


EMC pre-compliance testing mimics the compliance test set up within an acceptable margin to uncover potential problems and reduce risk of failure prior to the expensive compliance test stage.


Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the concept of enabling a device to operate correctly in its intended environment, with or in the presence of other electrical devices or sources of EMI.

Test Facility

The external construction is a shielded room, using a Faraday cage principle. This is to stop unwanted signals from the external environment entering the chamber and causing interference whilst tests are being performed.

High-Performance Anechoic Lining

Ferrite Tiles & Absorbers – The latest generation Hybrid Pyramid Absorbers are installed to compliment ferrite tiles. This provides a broadband anechoic performance, whilst using as little of the internal space as possible.

Frequency Test Range







Minimum Dimensions







Shielding Effectiveness tested to EN 50147-1

Every Global EMC anechoic chamber is provided with a Faraday cage shield. The shielded enclosure provides both an area free from external ambient signals but also protection during Immunity testing for personnel working outside the chamber.

The measure of shielding performance is conventionally known as “shielding effectiveness”. 100dB in plane and microwave frequencies is generally regarded by most standards as a very high level of shielding suitable for scientific use.

Global EMC offer two levels of shielding Standard and Extended Performance. Standard performance is suitable for most shielding requirements and is typically seen in commercial testing situations. Extended Performance is usually used in high-performance Military applications along with certain high frequency needs.

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RLT Range Hybrid Absorber

GF102 Ferrite Tile

3m Pre-Compliant Semi-Anechoic EMC Test Chamber

Pre-compliant test chamber for emission measurements to CISPR 16-1-4 from 30 MHz to 18 GHz.

Compliant test chamber for Immunity measurements to EN/IEC61000-4-3.

Shield effectiveness to EN 50147-1.

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Great Britain.

Bespoke solution upon request. Test facility can be configured to your exact requirements.

Up to 3 meters measuring distance between the Antenna and EUT.

Industry-leading low maintenance shielded door with copper-beryllium knife-edge seals.

Lighting, power filter, penetration and static ventilation panels all as standard.

Latest technology high-performance GF 102 ferrite tiles to all walls, ceiling and partial floor covering.

Moulded polystyrene pyramidal Hybrid Absorbers to all walls, ceiling and partial floor covering. (Absorber coverage as far as physically possible).

External Dimensions

7000mm (L) x 3500mm (W) x 3000mm (H)*

Shielded Pedestrian Door (Clear Opening)

1000mm (W) x 2000mm (H)*

Steel Structure

Self-supporting structure to industry standards.


Modular 2mm steel “pan” shield.

Frequency Test Range

30 MHz to 18 GHz (40 GHz optional).

Floor Loading (Standard)



1 x 32A 230V Single phase (2 line).

Penetration Panel Connectors

2 x Precision N type, & 2 x Fibre

Honeycomb Vents

2 x 300mm (W) x 300mm (H) (static air).

Access Ramp

This feature is optional


4 x LED Lighting 1 x Emergency light.

Power Distribution

4 x 230V AC DSSO Sockets.

Additional Options Include:
Mast, Air conditioning, CCTV, Forced air (Fans) or air conditioning / HVAC, DC Filters, white end caps to absorbers, Additional filters & Audio communication, 1200mm free-standing turntable.
*All dimensions and quantities can be altered upon request (subject to compatibility).