EMI Shielded Enclosure for Electronic devices

Global EMC manufacture shielded enclosures for electronic devices.


The shielded enclosure is designed specifically to prevent electronic devices inside the enclosure such as mobile phones, laptops and other Sim card or WiFi enabled devices from connecting to wireless signals that are present outside of the enclosure. Such as 5G, 4G, GSM, Bluetooth and WiFi signals.


Designed and manufactured in our facility in the United Kingdom each unit can be made to any dimension to suit the application.

Hand built in England

The shielded enclosures are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Each enclosure can be configured to best suit individual testing requirements providing a cost effective and unique testing facility best suited to your requirements.


Available with a variety of accessories including:


High performance shielded windows of typical dimensions 300mm x 300mm or 600mm x 600mm.


Shielded gloves of universal size supplied with 10 removable inner linings to reduce users cross contacting for Coronavirus.


Internal 110/230V AC mains filtered power and 5V DC filtered USB charging points.


Low power consumption LED lighting and task lighting.


Hand built access doors of bespoke dimension. Typical dimensions include 300mm x 300mm and 500mm x 500mm clear opening.


Shielded ventilation ports for connection to air conditioning or extract fans to enable cooling inside of the enclosure.


Lifting handles for easy movement of the enclosure.


USB 2.0 male /female sockets, fibre waveguides and coaxial connections are all available.


Internal filtered RJ45 data points.


Aesthetic internal finish including white floor for increased visibility inside the enclosure.


Each unit can also be finished in any colour to requirements.