CISPR 25 Automotive Component Test Facility

Global EMC’s CISPR 25 automotive test facility has been specifically designed for automotive testing to meet the requirements of component testing to EN55025 / CISPR 25 and ISO 11452-1.


The chamber is also compliant for immunity component tests to ISO 11452-2.

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Specifically designed for automotive testing to meet the requirements of component testing to EN55025 / CISPR 25.

EV Charge Point Testing - Global EMC


Procedures for the measurement of radio disturbances in the frequency range of 150 kHz to 2 500 MHz.

Conponent Testing For Electromagnetic Energy - Global EMC

ISO 11452-1

Component test methods for electrical disturbances from narrowband radiated electromagnetic energy.

Shield Effectiveness - Global EMC

EN 50147-1

Fully validated shield measurement procedure for validating the shielding effectiveness of an enclosure.

Global EMC - Military Testing Capabilities

Military Testing

Built to MIL-STD-461 standards for the control of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

This Product Features

A low height of the chamber meaning it will easily fit within most buildings. The chamber is constructed using a self-standing steel structure and modular steel shield. This is complemented with high-performance pyramidal Hybrid Absorbers and ferrite tiles to walls and ceiling as required to make a semi-anechoic chamber.


Choose this testing facility for performing compliant radiated emissions with EN55025/CISPR 25 component and immunity testing to ISO 11452-2 component. This chamber is used for testing electronic sub-assemblies of receivers mounted on-board vehicles.

CISPR Automotive Component EMC Test Facility


CISPR 25:2016 contains limits and procedures for the measurement of radio disturbances in the frequency range of 150 kHz to 2 500 MHz. The standard applies to any electronic/electrical component intended for use in vehicles, trailers and devices.

Automotive Component

Any component within a product or mechanism that comprises of a moving part engine, specifically for the testing and analysis of onboard receivers for vehicles.


Electromagnetic compatibility or EMC testing gives the manufacturer of a product the ability to demonstrate the ability of their product. A semi-anechoic chamber predominantly for EMC testing, as well as other standards.

Test Facility

The external construction is a shielded room, using a Faraday cage principle. This is to stop unwanted signals from the external environment entering the chamber and causing interference whilst tests are being performed.

High-Performance Anechoic Lining

Ferrite Tiles & Absorbers – The latest generation Hybrid Pyramid Absorbers are installed to compliment ferrite tiles. This provides a broadband anechoic performance, whilst using as little of the internal space as possible.

Frequency Test Range





Minimum Dimensions







Shielding Effectiveness tested to EN 50147-1

Every Global EMC anechoic chamber is provided with a Faraday cage shield. The shielded enclosure provides both an area free from external ambient signals but also protection during Immunity testing for personnel working outside the chamber.

The measure of shielding performance is conventionally known as “shielding effectiveness”. 100dB in plane and microwave frequencies is generally regarded by most standards as a very high level of shielding suitable for scientific use.

Global EMC offer two levels of shielding Standard and Extended Performance. Standard performance is suitable for most shielding requirements and is typically seen in commercial testing situations. Extended Performance is usually used in high-performance Military applications along with certain high frequency needs.

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RLT Range Hybrid Absorber

GF102 Ferrite Tile

Phantom LED Lights


Anechoic performance is greater than – 6dB from 70 MHz to 2.5 GHz at normal incidence.


Shield effectiveness to EN 50147-1.


1m measuring distance.


Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Great Britain.


Bespoke solution upon request. Test facility can be configured to your exact requirements.


Optional larger chamber for harness testing.


Lighting, power filter, penetration and static ventilation panels all as standard.


Latest technology high-performance GF 102 ferrite tiles to all walls, ceiling and partial floor covering.


2-meter GSD-CAH2000 pyramid absorbers to all walls and ceiling. (Absorber coverage as far as physically possible). Section of absorbers/ferrite tiles for floor coverage.


Latest technology high-performance GF 102 ferrite tiles to all walls, ceiling and partial floor covering.


Reflective metal ground plane.

External Dimensions

5.1m (L) x 5.1m (W) x 3.6m (H)*.

Shielded Pedestrian Door (Clear Opening)

1000mm (W) x 2000mm (H)*

Steel Structure

Self-supporting structure to industry standards.


Modular 2mm steel “pan” shield.

EUT Conductive test table (c/w grounding)

2m (L) x 1m (W) x 0.9 (H)*.

Floor Loading (Standard)



1 x 32A 230V Single phase (2 line).

Penetration Panel Connectors

2 x Precision N type, & 2 x Fibre.

Honeycomb Vents

2 x 300mm (W) x 300mm (H) (static air).

Access Ramp



4 x LED Lighting.

Power Distribution

4 x 230V AC DSSO Sockets.


1 year as standard.

Additional Options Include:
Mast, Fire detection, DC power sockets, Air conditioning, CCTV, DC Filters, white end caps to absorbers, Filters & Audio communication.
*All dimensions and quantities can be altered upon request (subject to compatibility).


EN55025 / CISPR 25.


ISO 11452-1, ISO 11452-2.


Compliant immunity testing in accordance with IEC/EN61000-4-3 at 80 MHz to 6 GHz (18 GHz optional).


Pre-compliance to CISPR 11 (EN 55011), CISPR 22 (EN 55022) and CISPR 25 (EN 55025).


MIL-STD-461, EN 50147-1.