AntennaMeasurement Rooms

Test your latest technologies. Global EMC’s antenna measurement rooms are designed and built to meet the exacting performance of antenna measurement. Whether it’s the latest 5G, telecommunications, radar or other wireless technologies each chamber is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the antennas under test.

Adaptable and configurable for military, marine, aerospace and commercial applications each facility gives the user a reliable and repeatable testing environment for antenna testing and antenna specification characterization.

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Antenna Measurement Room - Global EMC

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Research and development in commercial, educational, military and space technologies. The antenna measurement room provides a perfect development facility to test the latest 5G, radio wireless, future networks and communication systems.

Research and Development - Global EMC


Research and development facility for educational purposes or providing an outreach facility for external businesses.

WiFi Testing - Global EMC


Testing the latest wireless technologies and communication systems including WiFi and telecommunication systems.

5G Testing - Global EMC

5G Technologies

Development of the next generation 5G technologies. With anechoic performance of up to 86 GHz and antenna positioner equipment available.

Shield Effectiveness - Global EMC


All facilities have a high-performance RF shielding to enable an inert environment free of unwanted ambient interference and signals.

This Product Features

A faraday cage is provided to exclude unwanted ambient interference and signals from outside the room. This makes the internal space within the facility a controlled and noise-free environment. The shielding can be provided with high performance to 40 GHz.

The shielding is internally lined with anechoic material of pyramidal absorbers to all surfaces including the floor. This creates a fully anechoic chamber with specialist “walkway” absorbers on the floor. This enables access to the test positions and for maintenance purposes. The absorbers are specified to the exact frequency range required, reducing measurement uncertainties and increasing the performance of the facility.

Field probe positioners, turntables and antenna positioning systems are available to complete the turn-key installation.

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High-Performance Anechoic Lining

Pyramidal Absorbers – Doped foam microwave absorber is installed to all walls, ceiling and floor area. The length of the absorber is selected to the frequency and performance required. Compliant to NRL8093 parts I, II and III for fire safety the GDS range absorber is perfect for high performance from 1 GHz +.

Specialist “walkway” absorber is provided from each door opening to positions within the room. This provides access to the room without compromising the anechoic performance.

Frequency Test Range








Power Rating


Return Loss

Up To-60dB




Anechoic performance in accordance to required frequencies.


High performance shielded enclosure to EN 50147-1 up to 40 GHz.


Near-field (NF), far-field (FF) and compact range (CATR) as required.


Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Great Britain.


Penetration and static ventilation panels all as standard.


Industry-leading low maintenance shielded door with copper-beryllium knife-edge seals.


EMI Power, signal and data filters are available.


Latest generation low emission LED lighting as standard.


Fully anechoic lining of absorbers to all walls, ceiling and floor.


Independently tested and verified by a UKAS approved ISO 17025 test body.

External Dimensions

To customer requirements*.

2 Shielded Doors (Clear Opening)

1000mm (W) x 2000mm (H)*

Steel Structure

Self-supporting structure to industry standards.


Modular 2mm steel “pan” shield.

Honeycomb Vents

4 x 300mm (W) x 300mm (H) (static air).

Penetration Panel Connectors

2 x Precision N type, & 2 x Fibre.


1 year as standard.

Antenna Positioning Systems

To customer requirements*.

Additional Options Include:
Fire detection, Air conditioning (HVAC), Cameras, DC/PoE Sockets, Filters & Audio communication.
*All dimensions and quantities can be altered upon request (subject to compatibility).


NRL parts I/II/III.




DIN 4102-B2.