EMI ShieldedVentilation Panels

Set within a mounting frame, our honeycomb EMI Shielded Ventilation Panels are foil formed, ensuring a conductive path throughout each join. The use of this specific type of ventilation unit allows for greater airflow over conventional framed aluminium panels. Our vents are used in a wide range of applications and shielding requirements, from telecommunications, server enclosures through to military applications.

Optimum Airflow. Flawless Performance.

It is an important factor for any anechoic chamber or shielded room (Faraday cage) to consider the passage of airflow into and out of the room. This can be in many different forms from static air, pushed air from airflow fans, heating, cooling or full HVAC integration.


Global EMC’s Honeycomb ventilation panels integrate effortlessly into any system. Each product is manufactured bespoke to the individual needs of each project.
All mainstream fan manufacturer's, common HVAC ducting sizes and connection types can be accommodated to give a truly universal solution.


Each Honeycomb ventilation panel is designed and manufactured to preserve the high shielding performance of Global EMC shielding, whilst minimising restrictions in air flow.
Operational frequencies are from 10 kHz to 18 GHz with an optional high performance honeycomb for increased performance up to 40 GHz.


The honeycomb material can also be integrated into other products such as waveguides for fire alarm system aspirating pipes and low pressure water pipes.


Dimensions : from 75mm (H) x 75mm (W) to 2000mm (H) x 2000mm (W).


Standard Dimensions : 300mm (H) x 300mm (W) and 600mm (H) x 600mm (W).


Frame material : Tin dipped steel recessed mounting.


Percentage open area : 85%.


Construction : Hand built in the United Kingdom.

EMI Shielded Ventilation Panels