Shielded Data Centres

Protect your Information Technology with our latest Shielding Technology enclosed in a Shielded Data Centre.

The high frequency shell protects IT rooms and IT equipment against electromagnetic interference from outside and from outer space.

Data Centre Security

Protect your IT room and IT equipment against

Technical Eavesdropping

Electronic Attacks

Natural Electromagnetic Peaks

Protection Against:

Data Centres are dedicated spaces within buildings used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage equipment.

As IT systems perform business-critical functions, they invariably include backup systems and infrastructure for power and environmental control, as well as other security devices.

External threats to data centres come in many forms, which include:

  • Espionage
  • Electronic attacks
  • EMP electromagnetic pulses
  • Technical eavesdropping
  • Natural electromagnetic peaks, such as lightning strikes

Protect Your IT

Global EMC provides the latest in high performance shielding, surpassing TEMPEST and NATO requirements to provide a safe and secure location for sensitive or critical data and equipment.

The shielding is tested and certified from 10 kHz to 40 GHz and provides over -120dB of shielding at certain frequencies to outperform the shield effectiveness requirements of TEMPEST and SDIP. 

Full range of accessories and components including ventilation, power, data and more. 

Modular panel design enables fast and easy installation without the need for onsite welding. 

Available in any dimension* to suit your requirements. 

High aesthetic internal finish can be provided. 

Complete design, manufacture, installation and certification service. 

Manufactured in England without the use of Chinese components. 


*To nearest 100mm