TEM Shielded Rooms

Global EMC’s TEM Shielded Room is a shielded room or laboratory designed specifically to shield sensitive TEM microscopes from 50Hz AC and Quasi-DC interference. Through passive shielding and an active cancellation system, a magnetically shielded room is created to ensure the microscope can work to its greatest potential.


Global EMC is the industry expert in providing room shielding for TEM Microscopes using our specially developed Iron+ ® shielding.

TEM Shielded Room - Global EMC

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Shielding is required for transmission electron microscopy to protect from the effects of high levels of magnetic fields.

50Hz Shielding - Global EMC


Shielding is required to protect transmission electron microscopes from the effects of high levels of magnetic fields.

Magnetic Field Shielding - Global EMC

Magnetic Field

Optimised shielding for power frequencies (50/60 Hz) to prevent human exposure to potentially harmful levels of magnetic fields.

EMF / EMI Shielding From Quasi-DC Current - Global EMC


EMI / EMF shielding from Quasi-DC current interference.

Transmission Electron Microscopy Shielding - Global EMC

Sensitive Equipment

Enclosed magnetic shieldings for the specific use of transmission electron microscopy.

Power frequency and Quasi-DC Interference

Each TEM microscope manufacturer will define the level of quietness required for optimum microscope operation. Typical maximum values are 100nT p-p (1mG p-p) down to 10nT p-p (0.1mG) for higher performance microscopes. The two significant ‘threats’ to achieving this performance are mains power interference (50 Hz/60 Hz) and Quasi-DC disturbance.


This is the disturbance or perturbation of the Earth’s DC field casued by moving objects. These threats can be vehicles, lifts, mechanical equipment and other dynamic bodies, especially ones containing Ferrous materials.

Each application is different. The mass, velocity and distance of moving objects have an effect. Global EMC is a specialist in mitigating these effects.


Power frequency
This field comes from electrical apparatus located near the TEM room, such as transformers, power distribution rooms, high current mains cables and motors.

The fields are proportional to the electrical current, so when load demands change (e.g. switching appliances on or off) then the fields change, which can casue problems for the TEM instruments.

The solution

The TEM Shielded Room can be configured as a self-standing structure or fixed to the surface of the host building. It is constructed of a modular high magnetic permeability shield Iron+ ® that enables a fast and efficient construction process. The shield is designed specifically for TEM room shielding applications and is compatible with the specs of all microscope manufacturers.

The shield will be designed around the size and shape of the room and microscope. All intrusions into the shield are carefully designed and manufactured to allow compatibility while preserving the integrity of the shield. Active magnetic field cancelling systems are used to complement the Iron+ ® shielding to increase the overall performance of the solution.

TEM Shielded Rooms

Maximised internal area.

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Great Britain.

High magnetic permeability passive shield Iron+ ®.

Bespoke solution upon request. Shielded dimensions can be configured to your exact requirements.

Typical quietness achieved of <10nT P-P.

Shielded doors to bespoke dimensions.

Supply and installation of Active cancellation systems.

Designs created in Solidworks and AutoCAD to ensure ideal configuration and coordination.

Additional Infomation:
All TEM shielded rooms are bespoke and designed to meet the host buildings size and shape.
Please see 50Hz (Transformer) Building Shielding for further details.