Research and Development.

Global EMC has successfully delivered 3 new double tiered research and development test cabinets for mobile phones (cell phone) product development. The test cabinets have a high performance shielded enclosure to isolate any ambient signals from the internal testing environment and an interior fully lined with anechoic microwave absorber.

Simplicity and Universal.

The shielded anechoic cabinets where delivered fully assembled with no assembly required for the end user. Simple to use and designed to accept a wide range of requirements each cabinet was designed to be future proof and versatile.

Designed specifically to fit through a standard sized door the cabinets are transportable without needing to dis-assemble any parts.
Feature packed with filtered internal mains power sockets, Fibre waveguides, ethernet and coaxial sockets the cabinet gave the client a flexible and all-round testing environment.

Further Information

• Fully anechoic internal lining of GDS100 anechoic absorber.
• Shielded enclosure of bespoke dimensions of up to -100dB of shielding effectiveness.
• RF shielded, easy opening access door.
• Heavy duty wheels for ease of transportation.
• 2 x 1 Gigabit internal ethernet ports.
• 2 x High quality forced air fans.
• 4 x 230V AC 13A internal mains sockets.
• 1 x Fibre optic waveguide.
• Delivery and 12 month warranty included.