Shielded rooms for TEMPEST systems

Global EMC’s shielded enclosures and rooms are designed to meet the shielding effectiveness and design requirements of TEMPEST and NATO SDIP-29/2.

The shielded rooms work on the Faraday cage principle of a 6-sided metal enclosure, providing a controlled environment, free from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and ambient RF signals from entering or exiting the room.
The shielded room provides a suitable location for police, defence/military or embassies to protect sensitive information as part of a complete TEMPEST solution.

Each installation is independently tested and certified by a UKAS approved ISO17025 test body.
A turnkey solution is provided by Global EMC to specify, design, manufacture, install and provide final certification and testing of the complete project. High-quality internal finishes are also provided including lighting, power, data and HVAC to make the Forensic room durable, practical and comfortable.

Tempest Shielded Room - Global EMC

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Providing a shielded enclosure suitable to be part of a TEMPEST solution

NATO Standard - Global EMC

NATO Standard

NATO SDIP-29/2 and TEMPEST standards.

Global EMC - Military Testing Capabilities

Military Use

For secure meeting and conference rooms providing effective shielding.

Anti-Bugging Protection - Global EMC


To prevent mobile phones and recording devices from streaming audio from inside the room.

Quiet Room - Global EMC

Quiet Room

For interrogation of mobile phones and other communication devices.

UK Parts and UK Manufacture

Designed and individually manufactured by Global EMC enables every installation to be bespoke and uniquely shaped to exact requirements and specifications.


The shield is constructed from pre-fabricated modular panels, each panel is fitted together on-site to form a completely “sealed” six-sided enclosure. The flexible modular system enables almost any size and shape of the room to be created. Installed as a self-supporting free standing room or architectural shielding fitted onto an existing room, the enclosures can be sized to fit the host building and maximise the usable space.


The installation has no hot works or welding and can easily be disassembled and re-located. The external façade is finished with a premium quality finish to match the client’s company colours or simply complement the surrounding space.

Finishing Touches

Upon the completion of the shield, numerous options are available to tailor the shielded room to exact requirements. Rooms can be left as a bare shield for an industrial and durable finish or lined with plasterboard, melamine board or cleanroom finishes.


Office-style interiors are available including vinyl, anti-static or carpeted floors, dimmable lighting, mains power, data and furniture. For telecommunications or IT networks, raised false flooring can be provided, server cabinets and air conditioning.


To ensure the integrity of the shield, all penetrations are accounted for as required. Fire alarm, air conditioning, cameras, compressed air are just some of the limitless possibilities that can be integrated into the shield.

Shielding Effectiveness tested to EN 50147-1

Every Global EMC shielded room is provided with a Faraday cage shield. The shielded enclosure provides both an area free from external ambient signals but also can be used for devices inside the room from transmitting outside the shielding. Such as in Forensic investigation rooms

The measure of shielding performance is conventionally known as “shielding effectiveness”. 100dB in plane and microwave frequencies is generally regarded by most standards as a very high level of shielding suitable for scientific use.

Global EMC offer two levels of shielding Standard and Extended Performance. Standard performance is suitable for most shielding requirements and is typically seen in commercial testing situations. Extended Performance is usually used in high-performance Military applications along with certain high frequency needs.

Shielded rooms for TEMPEST solutions

UK parts and manufacture. UK owned company.

Shielding effectiveness tested to EN 50147-1 and IEEE 299.

Standard shield performance of 60dB @ 10 MHz, 100dB @ 200 MHz, 100dB @ 1-18 GHz.

Shield performance can be extended to 1 kHz – 86 GHz upon request.

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Great Britain.

Bespoke solution upon request. The enclosure can be configured to your exact requirements.

Industry-leading low maintenance shielded door with copper-beryllium knife-edge seals.

Designs created in Solidworks® and AutoCAD to ensure ideal configuration and coordination.

All materials are shipped in component form and fit through a standard doorway for ease of installation.

Mains distribution and LED lighting as required.

External Dimensions

To customer requirements*.

Shielded Pedestrian Door (Clear Opening)

1000mm (W) x 2000mm (H)*

Steel Structure

Self-supporting structure to industry standards.


Modular 2mm steel “pan” shield.

Honeycomb Vents

4 x 300mm (W) x 300mm (H) (static air).

Penetration Panel Connectors

2 x Precision N type, & 2 x Fibre.

Additional Options Include:
Mast, Fire detection, Vehicle Sliding Doors, Air conditioning (HVAC), CCTV, Test benches, Vehicle fume extraction, Whitecaps to absorbers, Lighting, Power, Turntable, Heavy floor loadings, DC Sockets, Filters & Audio communication.
*All dimensions can be altered upon request (subject to compatibility).