Partners and Distributors

Global EMC specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of Faraday cages (shielded rooms), magnetic field shielding and anechoic chambers. We offer bespoke solutions that put the customers’ requirements first in everything we do.


At Global EMC we love to co-operate and create business relationships with Partners and Distributors, be they local companies or individuals around the world. This enables us to give our clients local support, excellent communication and customer relationships.

Service Excellence for our clients

With over 25 years in the industry, Global EMC, with its range and depth of knowledge, is uniquely placed to understand the needs of our clients, and to work with them to identify the best solutions to the most complex of projects.

To ensure this, our distribution partners are always there where our customers need them. Whether a single individual project or an ongoing long-term relationship, our distributors are there for our clients, supporting them from initial design through to hand over and project completion. Together as one team.

Located in the UK, Global EMC have successfully delivered projects all across the globe. Our wealth of experience in successful tender applications, enables us to provide superb documentation support. We have the capability and infrastructure to deliver any project or tender, from a small cabinet to large 10m compliant EMC chambers.

Diverse Range of Products

Global EMC are proud to offer our clients a diverse range of products and services.
This enables us to offer a single solution. Providing all of our clients’ requirements from a single source gives our clients confidence and one point of contact, while taking care of all of their needs and providing first-class customer support.


Our range of products and solutions include:


Anechoic EMC test chambers.
Military test chambers.
Commercial vehicle EMC test chambers.
Faraday cages and shielded rooms.
Pre-compliant EMC test chambers.
Magnetic field shielding.
Armadillo - Shielded trunking for high current cables.
TEM/SEM Room shielding and Active Cancellation systems.
Shielded and Anechoic cabinets.
Forensic Investigation shielded rooms.
EMI Filters.
EMI related components and accessories.

Becoming one of our Partners and Distributors

Becoming a local distributor and partner for Global EMC couldn't be easier.

If you are aware of an upcoming project or tender in your area or for one of your existing clients please contact us on our contact page or email us at

We will check our database and register a co-operation agreement with yourselves if an existing agreement isn’t already in place.

Global EMC will then provide you with all the design and consultation and the technical support required to successfully provide your client with a first-class tender package.


Our hands-on approach and committed service, we strive to build successful long-term partnerships with all of our Partners and Distributors


Global EMC is governed by UK law and doesn't export goods or services to countries with UK trade or currency sanctions. Please see the UK's Department of International Trade website for further details.


For more informartion, please contact us at or the contact form below.