Warren Vayro joins Global EMC.

Warren Vayro, Head of Design

Experienced mechanical engineer, Warren Vayro, joined Global EMC last May as Head of Design to take the reins of our design function. However, this isn’t Warren’s first tenure at the company.

With 25 years of mechanical engineering experience, Warren Vayro has held many design and management roles leading teams and departments across a variety of industry sectors. Two of those years, from 2017, were spent at Global EMC. Now Warren has returned to this more senior role, using his first-hand knowledge of our organisation to make positive, tangible changes.

The good thing about the timing of my return is that the business structure changed while I was away. That now lets me do things properly from scratch to make a real difference,” Warren says.

Warren’s career in mechanical engineering design, he says, is all about attention to detail, along with advanced 3D tools. In his management role here at Global EMC, he is designing and implementing processes that give more control, create better documentation and improve workflows that will shorten development timescales and time-to-market for new products.

All of which is timely, as we have new projects coming in and new clients on board. Warren has already appointed two new people to the design team as part of his drive to strengthen the firm’s development resources.