Swansea University EEG Chamber

Have you heard?

As some of you may know, we recently undertook a project at Swansea University to design, manufacture and install an EEG Chamber for their psychology department. We at Global EMC UK are proud to announce we have successfully completed the project, #design and with a bit of Global EMC class.


Universities and hospitals have an increasingly “polluted” environment due to high current cables, Wi-Fi, wireless signals and other electrical equipment.


To perform Electroencephalogram (EEG) tests without the risk of interference and ambient background noise affecting the sensitive measurements, shielding is required. Global EMC’s EEG-SR is a shielded room designed specifically for use in medical or educational environments to provide optimised performance at VLF/ELF frequencies.


This helps protect the highly sensitive test equipment inside the room from external interference and provides a stable and repeatable testing environment.



The EEG-SR is a self-standing structure, suitable for installation in universities or hospitals.

It is constructed of a specially developed modular high magnetic permeability shield Iron+ ® that provides high quality and superb performance shielding.

Each room is internally finished with dimmable lighting, filtered mains power sockets, acoustic walls and carpets and silenced air conditioning systems. Waveguides and EMI filters are provided for data and equipment cabling.

More information on our EEG-SR can be found here