The Challenge

The client required the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of a new 10 meter compliant EMC military vehicle test chamber. The chamber required compliance to Class I GOST 30373-95 / GOST R 50414-92 in the frequency range from 9 kHz to 18 GHz. The chamber was also designed to enable testing to 36 other standards including CISPR, GOST and IEC/EN61000-x-x standards.

The client also required a 16-meter diameter turntable, one of the largest ever installed in an EMC chamber. This coupled with temperatures of -40⁰C, limited timescales and the high-performance specification made for a very complex delivery of a prestigious project.

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The Solution

Global EMC utilised our 2400mm long hollow pyramid absorbers as the anechoic lining of the chamber. The length of these absorbers enabled us to meet the specification without the use of ferrite tiles and hybrid absorbers. This gave the client a reduction in the cost, weight and installation time for the chamber.

Shield effectiveness of greater than -80db from 10 kHz to 18 GHz was achieved using our modular “pan” type shielding system, effective integration of numerous peripheries and specialist sliding door. The shield effectiveness was tested by an independent ISO 17025 test company to IEE Std. 299 to ensure an unbiased test report.

To enable the client to enter heavy vehicles into the chamber, a specially designed 10 tons per square meter floor was installed between the 4.2m (H) x 4.2m (W) sliding door and 16-meter diameter turntable. The turntable was designed to have a loading of 20 tons.

Benefits To The Customer

The client received a compliant 10-meter test chamber of all new components covered by warranty. The chamber enables the client to perform both emission and immunity tests to the standards they required. The chamber was built to be robust and durable for the heavy-duty environment of large vehicle testing. The large turntable, crane, extract system and sliding door gave the client scope for a wide and varied testing facility.
Using the long hollow absorbing material gave a cost-effective solution to the anechoic requirements for the chamber.

Product Information

• Shielded enclosure of dimensions 30.0m (L) x 21.0m (W) x 10.0m (H).
• Supporting steel structure.
• 4.2m x 4.2m Pneumatic sliding door with automatic ramp.
• 3 Pedestrian entrance doors.
• 20 Ton Overhead Crane.
• 16.5m Turntable with a maximum load of 20 tons.
• Anechoic lining of walls & ceiling with 2400mm long hollow pyramid absorbers.
• Vehicle fume extract system, extract fans and ventilation panels.
• Filters, CCTV, audio links and power/lighting.
• Testing and Commissioning.