The Challenge

To design, manufacture, install an anechoic test chamber compliant to MIL-STD-461G to be used for radiated emission vehicle tests.
The chamber shall be suitable for large heavy vehicles to be driven into the chamber and also provisions for components to be tested on a large test-bench.
The chamber needs to meet the clients' bespoke requirements, so a careful and accommodating design consultation process was required.

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The Solution

A shielded room (Faraday cage) was installed including a steel support structure. The steel support structure was self-standing and fully independent of taking any loads from the host building.

A large sliding door was installed including an automatic pneumatic ramp. The ramp was surface mounted and did not require excavation of the host buildings floor. The sliding door had a clear opening dimension of 4.0m (W) x 5.0m (H) to allow large vehicles to enter the chamber as a complete unit. The door was automated to enable the operators of the chamber to open and close the door with ease.

SMA550 Pyramidal absorber was used to completely cover all walls and ceiling as much as physically possible. The absorber exceeds the requirements of -6dB at 70 MHz and -10dB at 250 MHz and above (at normal incidence).

Benefits To The Customer

The client received a new test chamber complete with all new parts covered by Global EMC’s warranty and after-sales support.
The client (having an expanding product portfolio) now had the benefits of its own on-site test facility to quickly and efficiently test its products as per business requirements. The chamber can be used when required and no logistics were required to an off-site test facility.

Product Information

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• Large MIL-STD-461G test chamber for vehicles.
• Component test-bench for MIL-STD-461G testing.
• Large shielded sliding door of clear opening dimensions 4.0m (W) x 5.0m (H)
• Personnel shielded door.
• SMA550 Pyramidal absorber.
• Full electrical installation including small power and lighting.
• Vehicle fume extract system.
• Floor access hatches.
• Testing and Commissioning.