Ferrite Tiles

Global EMC’s high performance GF 102 Ferrite tiles are widely used in all types of anechoic chambers for EMC testing. The Ferrite tiles are designed to be a thin, broad frequency range, electromagnetic absorber. The GF 102 tiles are designed to provide optimised performance between 30 MHz and 1 GHz and can be used individually or combined with Global EMC’s hybrid pyramidal absorber.

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Global EMC Ferrite tile GF 102 are used around the world in the most demanding performance applications where the required performance includes frequencies below 100 MHz (mostly EMC where the test spectrum starts at 30 MHz) to ~1 GHz.


Most resistive structure absorbers work on progressive impedance where the absorbers strive to mimic free space via the shape & resistivity this leaves these absorbers weak when the wave becomes very long at low frequency. Ferrite tiles do not work on progressive impedance but instead use magnetic permeability. The structural domains in the material have a polarized bias that is affected by rotating against the oscillating wave and thus absorbing the radiated energy.


The GF 102 tiles have the optimum low and high-frequency return loss performance and compliment the pyramidal hybrid absorbers (doped foam GDSxxx-H3 or RLT450/RLT650 doped polystyrene). Our Ferrite tiles are manufactured to the highest standard, ensuring a precise edge and a minimal gap between adjacent tiles.


100mm (L) x 100mm (W) x 5.2mm (D).


Individual or on 6 x 6 tile pre-mount boards.


10mm centre fixing hole.

Performance Stability

Long lifespan and performance stability. Non-flammable, suitable for immunity testing.