The Challenge

The client required the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of a new 5G test chamber. Located in a state-of-the-art facility, the client required an anechoic chamber for research and development for the design of radio-enabled electronics and devices.
The anechoic chamber needs to let the end-user to perform measurements for antennas, mmWave circuits and propagation characterisation. The chamber required a performance from 800 MHz to 86 GHz with an optimised frequency range between 1 GHz to 40 GHz.

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The Solution

Global EMC provided the client with a 10.0m (L) x 6.0m (W) x 6.0m (H) anechoic test chamber. This is currently the largest chamber of this type in Ireland.

To meet the anechoic performance specification required, GDS300 pyramidal foam absorbers were used on all surfaces with the exception of 3 meters square of GDS200WW to sections of the floor area to provide users means to reach equipment and test locations.
A diamond configuration of absorbers was installed at the angles of incidence on the sidewalls and ceiling. This was to increase the performance of anti-back scatter for antenna measurements.

Two personnel doors gave users convenient access to key locations within the chamber.

A field probe positioner and 0.3m turntable was also supplied and installed as part of the project. This was controlled by a multi-function controller and camera to give the user visibility when in the adjacent control room.

The chamber was tested by an independent ISO 17025 test company for shield effectiveness and anechoic performance. This was to ensure an unbiased review of the chamber to confirm it met the client’s requirements.

Benefits To The Customer

Upon completion, the University received a national test chamber for the research and development of the next generation of 5G technologies and devices.

The chamber is complemented by the world-class researchers and in-house staff to provide businesses and academic students an advanced test facility for research and development of future networks and communications.

The higher performance of the chamber ensured that frequencies of up to 86 GHz can be accommodated.

Selection Process

Design and Build – Science Foundation Ireland funded project.

Customer Testimonial

"The chamber characteristics are excellent, with impressive reflectivity performance at frequencies over 60 GHz. We have been impressed with the expertise and support of Global EMC in delivering this challenging project."

Product Information

• Shielded room (Faraday cage) of dimensions 10.0m (L) x 6.0m (W) x 6.0m (H).
• GDS300 anechoic absorbers to all surfaces.
• GDS200WW to create a walkway area to key areas.
• Surface turntable and field probe positioner system.
• Live view shielded camera.
• Internal electrical distribution including small power, lighting and system cabling.
• 2 x Shielded personnel doors.
• Honeycomb ventilation and penetration panels.