EMC Anechoic Test Chambers,Faraday Cages & Magnetic Field Shielding

Turnkey EMC Anechoic Chambers

• Compliant and Pre-complaint EMC Chambers
• 5G Test chambers
• Military test chambers
• Automotive CISPR12/25 test chambers
• Antenna measurement chambers

Faraday Cages & Shielded Rooms

• RFI/EMI Shielding (Faraday cages)
• High Voltage Laboratories
• Conducted EMC chambers
• Control and Amplifier rooms
• TEM Shielded Room

RF Shielded Containers

• RF Shielded Containers
• RF Shielded Container with Office Space/ IT Systems
• RF Shielded Container with Anechoic Test Facilities
• RF Shielded Containers with Physical Security Rating              • Bespoke Designs to meet your requirements

Leading The World In MagneticField Shielding and Anechoic Chambers

Global EMC specialises in the production and installation of Magnetic Field shielding, Faraday cages and anechoic test chambers. We offer bespoke, turnkey solutions that meet our customers’ exact requirements and test standards. Facilitating the process with precision engineering and outstanding attention to detail. Global EMC is customer driven and designs, manufactures and installs systems that’s individually right for you.


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Anechoic Test Chambers

Global EMC’s anechoic test chambers are a shielded enclosure lined with high performance anechoic (anti-echo) material. This creates an accurate, stable and repeatable testing environment for EMC and RF (wireless) measurements.


Global EMC design, manufacture and install a variety of custom-made chambers. Our products have a standard design and performance criteria but this can be adjusted to meet your exact specification.

Magnetic Shielded Rooms

Global EMC manufacture a range of magnetic field shielding applications for the reduction and elimination of magnetic field emissions. Predominantly designed for use in medical and academic environments, our shielded rooms and enclosures help protect TEM, SEM and E-Beam equipment from 50Hz AC and Quasi-DC interference.


Our EEG Shielded Rooms give an optimised performance at VLF/ELF frequencies, helping to protect sensitive test equipment from outside interference.


Conforming to Government standards our electrical cable containment, Transformer and LV Switchgear shielding reduces harmful exposure to magnetic fields within buildings.

Faraday Cages & Shielded Rooms

Our shielded rooms or “Faraday cages” are referred to under a variety of other names including RF/EMI shielded room, screened rooms or RF/EMI chambers. All Global EMC’s products use ultra-high performance shielding as standard.


The size and application is almost unlimited from a small bench mounted unit to Aircraft hangar sized facility.

Our Latest News and Case Studies

Global EMC are leaders in the EMC Anechoic Test Chambers & RF Shielding industry. We are committed to great customer care and ongoing support through all of our projects. From the initial concept to design, manufacturing and construction stages. Every individual element is important to us. Browse below for our most recent case studies, news and information. Follow Global EMC on LinkedIn.