ShieldedEMC Cabinets

Global EMC’s shielded cabinets are a small Faraday cage or benchtop EMC chamber. The shield has the same attenuation as larger Faraday cages. Larger cabinets can be constructed with heavy-duty wheels to make them portable.

Designed and built to your exact requirements they can be small enough for benchtop testing or large enough to walk into; for research and development purposes anechoic linings are available.

Our mobile shielded EMC cabinets have a standard shield performance of 60dB @ 10 MHz, 100dB @ 200 MHz, 100dB @ 1-3 GHz.

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Shielded Cabinets - Global EMC

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From equipment room protection to research and development use, our mobile shielded EMC cabinets eliminate both microwave and RF interference.

EN IEC 6100 - Global EMC


Compliant Radiated Immunity - Electro-Magnetic Susceptibility (EMS) to EN/IEC6100-4-3.

Global EMC - CISPR

CISPR Standards

Compliant for CISPR 32 (Multimedia) and CISPR 11 (Medical) standards.

Global EMC - Compliant Emissions Testing


Complaint Radiated Emission – Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) to CISPR 16-1-4 / EN55016-1-4.

More About This Product

Designed and individually manufactured by Global EMC enables every installation to be bespoke and uniquely shaped to exact requirements and specifications.

The shield is constructed from pre-fabricated modular panels, each panel is fitted together on-site to form a completely “sealed” six-sided enclosure. The flexible modular system enables almost any size and shape of the room to be created. Installed as a self-supporting free standing room or architectural shielding fitted onto an existing room, the enclosures can be sized to fit the host building and maximise the usable space.

The installation has no hot works or welding and can easily be disassembled and re-located. The external façade is finished with a premium quality finish to match the client’s company colours or simply complement the surrounding space.

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Anechoic linings.


Shielded entry door(s).


Ultra-high shielding performance as standard.


Standard shield performance of 60dB @ 10 MHz, 100dB @ 200 MHz, 100dB @ 1-3 GHz.


Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Great Britain.


Bespoke solution upon request. The mobile cabinet / enclosure can be configured to your exact requirements.


360-degree castors for movability.


Power filters and internal power.


Penetration panels and waveguides as required.


Equipment protection.


Research and development.


Production test jigs.


Microwave test chambers.


Communication device (mobile phone) testing.