Shielded Anechoic Cabinets

Global EMC’s anechoic shielded cabinets are the perfect solution for engineers looking for a compact testing solution for mobile phones (cell phones), RF devices, WiFi access points and other small wireless devices.


Designed as a single or double tiered unit the anechoic shielded cabinet can be desk mounted or on heavy duty wheels for transport and portability.


The modular design and hand built manufacture means that each cabinet has the flexibility to be made to perfectly fit the exact dimensions of the products being testing.

Choose This Product For

Fast track product development with an in house diagnostic cabinet. Free from ambient RF signals and interference the anechoic shielded cabinet is the excellent choice for:

Research and Development - Global EMC

Research & Development

Ideal test cabinet for quick testing during product development

Shield Effectiveness - Global EMC

Shielded Enclosure

High performance shielding of >100dB for a perfect interference free testing environment.

Device Interrogation - Forensic Shielded Rooms

Mobile Phone

Designed for product development of mobile communication devices and other small wireless products.

Simple. Fast. Effective.

Global EMC's range of anechoic shielded cabinets are designed for testing mobile phones and other small RF devices in a broad frequency range from 1 GHz to 18 GHz.


Simple to use and no assembly required, all cabinets are delivered as a fully assembled turnkey unit, that is ready to be used upon delivery.


High levels of up to -100dB of shielding are provided, giving assurance of an interference free enclosure. The external façade is finished with a premium quality finish to match the client’s company colours or simply complement the surrounding space.


Lubrication free and easy opening door is provided, individually sized suitable to the products being tested.


The internal of the cabinet is lined with GDS100 anechoic absorber. The doped foam absorber compliments the broad frequency range providing up to -50dB of return loss at normal incidence.

Versatile and Bespoke.

As each cabinet is individually designed, each product can be tailored to exact testing requirements and dimensions or designed as a versatile and broad-spectrum testing solution.


All cabinets feature a penetration panel. This provides access inside the cabinet for power, data and other services. Almost all options can be provided including filtered interference free mains power, USB, ethernet, fibre optic, coaxil and DC power.


High quality fans are also provided to give air exchange inside the cabinet, whilst also maintaining the integrity of the shielding enclosure.


Virtually maintenance free and fully guaranteed for 12 months, each cabinet is simple to use, has a future-proof design and a low cost of ownership.

Anechoic Lining

Fully anechoic, high performance internal lining of GDS100 foam absorbers.

Shielded Enclosure

Ultra-high shielding performance as standard to provide an interference free environment.

Shielded Door

Hand made shielded entry door(s), manufactured to exact bespoke dimensions.

External Finish

High quality external custom finish to company colours or branding.

Made in England

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Great Britain.

Bespoke Dimensions

Bespoke solution upon request. The shielded anechoic cabinet / enclosure can be configured to your exact requirements.


360-degree heavy duty castors for cabinet movability including safety locking brakes.

Internal Power

110V AC - 230 V AC (50/60Hz) Power filters to provide internal mains power sockets inside the cabinet.


Wide range of penetration types and waveguides. Including 1 Gigabit Ethernet points, fibre, USB 2.0, coaxial and many more options available.

Air Exchange

Low power consumption fans to provide air exchange inside of the cabinet.