PartialDischarge Chamber

Designed for partial discharge testing on medium, high and extra-high voltage electrical cables, switchgear, transformers and power grid components. The partial discharge chamber enables components and cables to be tested to IEC 60270 (High-voltage test techniques - Partial discharge measurements).

The chamber is designed and built to the size and specification required. Using the modular shielding technique the chamber can be manufactured and installed to meet individual testing requirements.

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Partial Discharge Chamber - Global EMC

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Specially designed for the testing of capacitors, transformers, conductors, and the partial discharge of high voltage components to IEC 60270.

Cable Installation - Global EMC

Cable Insulation

Partial discharge testing on medium, high and extra-high voltage electrical cables and associated components.

Partial Discharge - Global EMC

Partial Discharge

Compliant to IEC 60270 High-voltage test techniques - Partial discharge measurements.

High Voltage Equipment - Global EMC

High Voltage Equipment

Partial discharge testing of transformers, switchgear, motors and generators.

This Product Features

Partial discharge measurements are affected by disturbances or background noise. This background noise should be low enough to permit a sufficiently sensitive and accurate measurement. A shielded enclosure is provided to reduce the ambient noise so the tests can be performed.

Designed for industrial environments and heavy plant, the partial discharge chamber is ruggedized and hard-wearing, suitable for testing a wide range of cables and components.