High VoltageLaboratories

A high voltage laboratory shield is a steel enclosure (Faraday cage) fully isolated from the main structure of the host building. The shield provides both a path for conductive grounding and radiated suppression.

A low background noise level is very important to ensure measurement accuracy, this is achieved via the bespoke design of the earthing system for each individual project.

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High Voltage Labs - Global EMC

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Specially designed for high voltage applications, the electromagnetic shielding provides shielding of less than 2 pC suitable for both Educational (Universities) and commercial testing facilities.

Research and Development - Global EMC


Facilities designed for research and experimentation, the HV laboratory has a multitude of uses and flexible testing arrangements.

High Voltage - Global EMC

High Voltage

Assessment of new high voltage components and cable designs including changing environmental conditions.

Shield Effectiveness - Global EMC

Shielding Effectiveness

Fully independent shielding from the main structure of the host building providing a suitable environment for sensitive measurements.

This Product Features

Used in commercial and education facilities for research and development of new products or scientific research, high voltage laboratories are used to test equipment under high voltage conditions and study high voltage phenomena.

Equipment that could be exposed to high voltages or currents is tested in order to simulate real-world conditions of lightning strikes or extreme voltages. It could also be used for partial discharge measurements, lightning protection, insulation testing and performance.

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Galvanised steel shield to all walls, floor and ceilings.


Electrically isolated from the host building.


Internal crane as an option.


Bespoke dimensions to suit requirements.


Self-supporting steel structure option.


Floor loading to suit requirements.


Control room.


Shielded observation window with ballistic BR-1S protection.


Shielded roller shutter doors and pedestrian doors.

Additional Options Include:
Built to dimensions to suit test equipment and host building size. Pedestrian door to main room and control room. Standard size 1000 (W) x 2000 (H). Large roller shutter to dimensions required with a brass brush. Standard size is 7000mm (W) x 5320 (H). Waveguides for cable entry. Earth and Grounding systems. Copper mesh flooring.