EMIElectrical Filters

Global EMC supply a wide range of electromagnetic interference filters specifically used to suppress or totally cancel the conducted interference present on a powerline. Our filters can be used in single-phase, three-phase or direct current (DC) power applications.

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Copper wires or any other electrically conductive object cannot pass through a Faraday cage directly. Passing a conductive object through the Faraday cage will cause a severe loss in shielding performance.

To keep the shielding integrity, the conductive object must be connected through a filter. These filters use Capacitive arrangements employing Capacitors from phase-to-phase (X Capacitors) and Capacitors from phase or neutral to earth (Y Capacitors) to enable transition through the shield; often ‘common mode chokes’ are also used.

At Global EMC, we offer a large selection of filters, some applications are shown below


230VAC / 500VDC Two line power filter 16A, 32A, 63A and 100A.


440VAC Four line (Three-phase) power filter 16A, 32A, 63A and 100A.


Ethernet and signal filters.


400Hz and 800Hz.


Low pass data filters.