EMC PhantomLED Lights

EMC Phantom LED Lights are no maintenance and long lifespan LED lighting for anechoic test chambers, where low emission LED lighting is critical for performing EMC and military test measurements. The lighting is compatible with chambers testing to the following standards


5m Compliant Semi-Anchoic EMC Test Chamber - Global EMC

ISO 11452-2

RTCA DO160 - Global EMC


WiFi Testing - Global EMC


Global EMC - Military Testing Capabilities

Military Testing –

Global EMC - Compliant Emissions Testing

Fully Compliant –
CISPR 16-1-4,
common mommercial
CISPR test standards

Phantom High-Performance LED

Global EMC’s Phantom LED is the latest development in LED lighting technology.


Highly efficient and aesthetically designed, this LED light produces 7000 lumens per unit fitting and can be grouped together producing perfect, low shadow lighting throughout an anechoic chamber or shielded enclosure.


Using a revolutionary non-conventional driver system, the Phantom LED is lightweight, has zero maintenance and is low-emission.

Emissions Mastered

The Phantom LED is the next generation in ultra-low emission LED lighting and is the perfect solution for EMC, vehicle and military chambers.


As a perfect upgrade from conventional lighting, the Phantom high-performance LED can be seamlessly installed in to any anechoic / shielded room and can also be fully utilised as a high-bay lighting system; fully serviceable from ground level.


Input Voltage 230V AC
Wattage 64W
Frequency 50hz
Length 200mm
Width 200mm
Height 130mm

EMC Phantom LED Lights Datasheet

Phantom LED Lights

Next generation advanced LED lighting for EMC, Military and Antenna test chambers

Measurement Uncertainty

Uncertainty statements highlighted with an asterisk are used to establish compliance with the specification where a tolerance in the test parameter exists.


This is achieved by adjusting the upper and lower allowed tolerance by the uncertainty figure to give a 95%
confidence that the parameter measured falls within tolerance limits.


If no tolerance exists then the uncertainty given is the uncertainty in establishing that particular parameter exactly or within required limits or test levels


All statements of uncertainty are expanded standard uncertainty using a coverage factor of 2.00 to give a 95% confidence where no required test level exists. Where a test level exists (for example, conducted immunity) the standard uncertainty is expanded by a coverage factor of 1.64 to give a 95% confidence.


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