VLF/ELF MAGNETIC Field Shielding

man with laptops and specialist equipment performing 50/60Hz magnetic  field shielding tests

VLF/ELF MAGNETIC Field Shielding & Mitigation DC~3KHz (1GHz + options)

Global EMC have ‘in depth’ knowledge of magnetic near field shielding materials and techniques. All of our ‘on site’ projects have met performance targets in terms of ‘quiet zone’ specification.

Typical magnetic field shield applications are:

Retro & New Installed Magnetic Field Shielding

retro installed magnetic field shield during the project
retro installed magnetic field shield after the project

Global EMC Installations

Different magnetic field environments demand different magnetic field shielding solutions. Global EMC have historically installed:

So as to understand shield material choices Global EMC have carried out comparative material tests:

coil and probe under calibration

Coil and probe under calibration

aluminium shield under test

Aluminium shield under test

tangential field tests

Tangential field tests

pure/soft Iron with radiating coil

Pure/soft Iron with radiating coil

probe prior to insertion into shielded cube

Probe prior to insertion into shielded cube

magnetic field shielding test graph

The findings are not necessarily in line with industry ‘rumours’ on material specification/performance.

DC field 6mm Material thickness, single layer

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