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RF/EMI Shielded & Screened Rooms

Some simple facts:

RF/EMI Faraday Cages - Global EMC

Advantages of the Global EMC Faraday Cage Shielding System:

Shielded Room Applications

Faraday Cage Shield Integrity Demonstration

The shield is working and the ambient ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI) is excluded from the faraday cage. A copper wire is then threaded through an air vent which negates the shield integrity (as per faraday cage engineering rules). The wire is then removed and the shield integrity returns.

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High performance shield:

eeg room

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Global EMC UK Ltd has 30 years experience in RFI / EMI / EMC and are specialists in shielding / RF / Microwave absorber applications. Continual development of shielded rooms (Faraday cages) and anechoic chambers has bought us to the forefront of shielded chamber and anechoic test chamber technology. Read More >

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