car inside an EMC anechoic test chamber

Global EMC have provided Faraday cage shielding and anechoic material/chambers for over 20 years. Global EMC have built hundreds of faraday cages over the years and every single one has met performance criteria. The key staff have expert skills in mechanical design engineering and Magnetic field/Radio wave/Microwave propagation behaviour.

Currently the factory space is more than 1000m2 in Nottinghamshire UK. The factory has metal cutting welding/soldering, fabrication facilities and a special dedicated shielded door manufacturing area. Global EMC also work with local partners for sheet steel folding/fabrication machine turning/milling and metal plating. The whole manufacturing system at Global EMC is to produce the best possible product at the best price.

Global EMC also work with specialist consultancies so as to offer a solution to every Faraday Cage shielding application whether it is in:

Global EMC provide radiowave/microwave anechoic material and EMC anechoic test chambers for all applications. We have a proven record of installing anechoic chambers for:

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About Global EMC

Global EMC UK Ltd has 30 years experience in RFI / EMI / EMC and are specialists in shielding / RF / Microwave absorber applications. Continual development of shielded rooms (Faraday cages) and anechoic chambers has bought us to the forefront of shielded chamber and anechoic test chamber technology. Read More >

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